Anyone else notice that the harder it gets for touring bands to go back’n’forth over the Canadian border (as has been the case the last few years), the more interesting Canadian bands seem to be popping up? Well here’s another. PYPY is a stupor group comprised of former members of various excellent noise/garage/punk bands from the aughts (CPC Gangbangs, Duchess Says, Red Mass). Apparently, once their debut LP slithers out on Black Gladiator (via Slovenly Recordings) around February 11, it’ll bristle with some psych-sweep and even damaged dance beats, and the band will play some shows around then too, but that’s still being sorted out. For now, check out the serrated slice of Pagan Day below; and the quickie Q&A with just one of the mysterious members.

Who are you and what do you play in the band?
My name is Roy V, aka Choyce, aka Trxrfrkids.
How long have you been a band; and any other releases out there?
About five years, off and on. We have a noise CDR on K.Y.B. Records called KK and a track on the Forchristsake compilation.
Favorite former band of any of PYPY’s members? And why?
CPC Gangbangs is my old band and my favorite past project. I have a sentimental attachment to it, the record kicks ass and our tour was nutzoid. I don’t really know the other dudes and the dudette’s former bands.
What’s with bands having so much trouble at the Canadian border these days?
New laws, conservatives in power, people closing their borders and their minds.