Portugal. The Man at the Ace Hotel, 2011 – Photo by Jack Jeffries

If you have room in your life for another perfectly calculated Portugal. The Man rock endeavor, here it is: Evil Friends, streaming on Tumblr in all its rock n’ roll glory. The page is chock-full of pretty atypical psychotropic gifs, but it also showcases some of the art from their All The Feels exhibit in L.A. that took place on Wednesday night.
It’s nice to have another summer with John Gourley’s vocal range and acid rock sound that, at this point, we don’t want Portugal to shake. The Portland-based band is our time capsule to the Woodstock we all missed. Gourley continues to bring us everything that glamorizes that rock generation, like groovy hooks encasing rallying anthems on tracks like “Modern Jesus.” The album, produced by Brian Burton, aka Danger Mouse, is out officially on July 4 via Atlantic.

Tracklist For Evil Friends:
01. Plastic Soldiers
02. Creep In A T-Shirt
03. Evil Friends
04. Modern Jesus
05. Hip Hop Kids
06. Atomic Man
07. Sea Of Air
08. Waves
09. Holy Roller (Hallelujah)
10. Someday Believers
11. Purple Yellow Red And Blue
12. Smile