After grimacing through Pop.1280’s harsh debut The Horror back in 2012, one might think the word “pop” in the band’s name is some sort of twisted, conniving joke. (Just kidding—it’s a Jim Thompson reference.) Pop. 1280 doesn’t make music that appeals to the sensitive. So whether it’s to mock those with the spine of a jellyfish or appeal to those who want more music like dystopian cyberpunk fiction, Pop. 1280 are releasing their sophomore album Imps Of Perversion on August 6. The first single, Lights Out, makes it clear that the they don’t really give a shit if you were put off by the last album. 
The pulverizing, guitar-driven track is gnarled industrial-punk with it’s own ethos—grab yourself a soapbox and headbang along. Imps Of Perversion will apparently find the Brooklyn quartet tackling issues like sexual confusion, nefarious gluttony, and neuroticism closely tailgated by mania. There’s also a track called “Coma Baby” on it and another one called “Human Probe.” Yikes. Listen to Lights Out below, and don’t be surprised if afterwards you have the odd sensation you were just crudely doused with a cheap 40.

Tracklist For Imps Of Peversion
01. Lights Out
02. The Control Freak
03. Population Control
04. Nailhouse
05. Human Probe II
06. Do the Anglerfish
07. Dawn of Man
08. Coma Baby
09. Human Probe
10. Riding Shotgun