Next week Part Time will release their sophomore album PDA on Mexican Summer. But before that happens, the label (via Fader) has given us another taste of what to expect with All My Love And All Your Love (Together We Are Fine). Boasting referential nostalgia, the song has its roots planted in early disco as well as jam rock. David Speck’s softly spoken vocals transform into hypnotic spells under the track’s funky bass licks.
In 2011, Part Time gave us their debut album What Would You Say?, a downtempo and retro-tinged take on ’80s New Wave. It’s not hard to picture their music soundtracking fuzzy VHS tapes of days spent on west coast beaches. There’s nothing groundbreaking here, but Part Time’s songs often remind us that music doesn’t always have to be so serious, and don’t we all need that sometimes? Stream All My Love And All Your Love (Together We Are Fine) below.