Yoshimi P-we of Boredoms‘s equally noise-making band, OOIOO, has set a release date for the forthcoming Gamel, an album influenced by the percussion-heavy tradition of Indonesian gamelan music. A gamelan is an ensemble that prominently features flutes, kendang (a two-headed drum), xylophones, metallophones and other instruments of the tintinnabular sort. Check out the new bells a-blazin’ romp Atatawa, which features gamelan musicians Tomoyuki Hamamoto and Koheysai Kawamura, below. Gamel comes out July 1 via Thrill Jockey, and you can check the tracklist for it below also.

Tracklist For Gamel:
01. Don Ah
02. Shizuku Gunung Agung
03. Pebarongan
04. Gamel Ninna Yama
05. Gamel Uma Umo
06. Gamel Kamasu
07. Atatawa
08. Jesse Testa
09. Gamel Udahah
10. Kecupat Aneh
11. Gamel Ulda