Syrian musician Omar Souleyman has released the title track from his upcoming album, Wenu Wenu, out October 22 via Ribbon Music. The album was produced by Kieran Hebden, a.k.a. Four Tet, who also has a new album coming out soon.

But rather than the stuttering, beat-heavy Four Tet sound we’re used to, Wenu Wenu sounds like classic Souleyman. It’s an Arabic dance track boasting glitzy folk sounds tugged along by Souleyman’s gruff vocals. You can listen to Wenu Wenu below, complete with an English translation of the lyrics.

Tracklist For Wenu Wenu:
01. Wenu Wenu
02. Ya Yumma
03. Nahy
04. Khattaba
05. Warni Warni
06. Mawal Jamar
07. Yagbuni