Of Montreal has tapped into the power of Kickstarter, reaching out to its dedicated fans for $75,000 to fund the band’s full-length documentary, Song Dynasties. As one of its methods of enticing fans, the group has unearthed some unreleased recordings, such as the recently released “Propaganda,” to exchange as downloads or physical copies for their cash. Most recently excavated is the song “Dumb Acre,” a precursor to The Early Four Track Recordings. Check it out, below.
of Montreal – Dumb Acre by of Montreal
The raw recording of “Dumb Acre,” including record skips and all, features a young Kevin Barnes crooning bittersweetly about his social and emotional insecurities over a surf-rock guitar melody. Take out the overly-sensitive teenage yearning in the vocals and add synths, some Prince-aping falsetto, a few more psychological (or sexual) complexities, and you’d have yourself a modern day Of Montreal jam.
The documentary’s Kickstarter campaign ends on December 12, and if you wish to support, make your contribution here. Otherwise, sit back like a freeloader and enjoy the perks that come along with Of Montreal’s incentive efforts.