Sondre Lerche
Doe-eyed Norwegian songcrafter, Sondre Lerche, is back with a new album, Please, out this fall sometime. For now he’s just released the lead single, Bad Law, a sunny, stuttering slice that starts off minimal, with hanclaps, simple snare and his dry-charm vox. But you know Lerche’s way underrated guitar chops are going to come in, as do lilting back-up vocals and cool, jarring beat-breaks. Lerche long transcended “phenom” status; and commercially he’s learned enough to go late-career DIY and release Please on his own Mona Records imprint. And this, after creating the soundtrack for Mona Fastvold’s 2013 film, The Sleepwalker. So can we finally stop focusing on Lerche’s boyish good looks now? Well, if we have to.
Check out Bad Law and the Please tracklist below.

Tracklist for Please:
01. Bad Law
02. Crickets
03. Legends
04. At Times We Live Alone
05. Sentimentalist
06. Lucifer
07. After The Exorcism
08. At A Loss For Words
09. Lucky Guy
10. Logging off