San Franciscan singer/songwriter/producer Jason Quever, aka Papercuts, has announced his upcoming fifth album, Life Among The Savages, and released the new single Still Knocking At The Door. The track is melancholy and beautiful, and it’s clear that Papercuts has experienced some serious heartbreak. Also, there is a part in the song where he tells us that “smoking banana peels just gave me bad dreams.” So lets just strike that off our to-do lists. Life Among The Savages comes out on May 6 in the U.S. and May 12 in the U.K. via Easy Sound. Listen to Still Knocking At The Door and check out the album tracklist below.

Tracklist for Life Among The Savages
01. Still Knocking At The Door
02. New Body
03. Life Among The Savages
04. Staring At The Bright Lights
05. Family Portrait
06. Easter Morning
07. Psychic Friends
08. Afterlife Blues
09. Tourist