Photo by Adela Loconte

Ever since we first heard that mangled horn in 212 we’ve been waiting for Azealia Banks to give us a full-length debut. Our wish came in the form of Broke With Expensive Taste, originally set for a September 2012 release, but it was postponed. And postponed. It’s now scheduled to arrive at the start of 2014. Maybe.
To keep the allure alive, Banks has released a new track, Count Contessa, which will not be part of her full-length, but rather a mixtape, Fantasea II: The Second Wave, scheduled to drop next July. The track brings her single Liquorice, to mind, but that could be because it also features Banks’s cocky monotone laid over a scratchy synth and hurried, paranoid beats. Listen in below, and keep in mind, it may be all you have to get you to 2014.