Here’s a new one from Ryan Hemsworth’s biweekly Secret Songs series which highlights an often unknown artist Hemsworth admires. This week’s track comes from Mulekid, a very new project (this is the band’s first track) from Montreal. Plattsburgh, NY, unlike much of what has appeared in the Secret Songs catalog so far, uses live instruments and soft, sincere vocals, but it’s not without interesting synthetic tweaks. Here’s what Ryan had to say about the track, via SoundCloud:

I’ve been friends with and a fan of Mulekid for a while. A Montreal kid through and through; holes up in his apartment and makes countless amazing music for his own pleasure, rarely sharing anything until it’s absolutely perfect. ‘Mulekid’ is his newest invention, and his use of live instruments + his own voice is really exciting to me. This is the next big step in his career.

Listen below.