Long Island dream-pop band Twin Sister has made the puzzling decision to add a “Mr.” to their moniker. It’s also probably a bad decision, because no one has ever thought, “This band name would sound better if it contained an honorific and an internal rhyme.” In any case, it looks like they’ll be sticking with it for a while, because their upcoming LP is self-titled as Mr. Twin Sister.

Blush comes after the synth-stompy single Out Of The Dark, and it’s a soft foil to the debut. There’s a blooming jazz flair, supple horns and vocalist Andrea Estella’s powdery vox looming and falling throughout. Listen to the track and check out the album tracklist below.

Tracklist For Mr. Twin Sister:
01. Sensitive
02. Rude Boy
03. In The House Of Yes
04. Blush
05. Out Of The Dark
06. Twelve Angels
07. Medford
08. Crime Scene