Night Slugs affiliate Morri$ has shared three new not-so-club-orientated pieces, one of which was created in collaboration with Mocky and The Mars Chamber Ensemble. Each piece is bursting with lavish synths and booming low-ends that escape the pitfalls of current rap-meets-EDM songs. “Breakfast At Richmans” is the most expansive of the three, ditching a beat for classical instrumentation and arrangement.
Though his music has been floating around the Internet for some time now, Morri$ made his physical debut earlier this year on London’s influential Night Slugs label. Combining current musical trends with an ear for melodies, he’s carved out a unique spot in electronic music despite having limited releases to his name. “Maison Purple,” “A Missed Call,” and “Breakfast At Richman” will be available on his Bear Club Music Group imprint later this year. Stream all three tracks, below.