Though their intriguing chill-soul sounds are not really anything like that excitable, uber-cute fave ’80s flick, Milo & Otis are going on some little adventures themselves. The Chicago duo has got their self-released sophomore album, Almost Us, coming out on April 3, but such is their recent songwriting explosion that they’ve got this track premiere for us, Entire, that’s a one-off appetite-whetter for the album. Apparently, it’s one of the first songs they ever wrote together, and they just wanted to share it with us. Awww, I guess that is pretty uber-cute.
These two—Jamila Woods (vocals) and Owen Hill (production)—have worked with those Kids These Days kids and Chance The Rapper, among others, while receiving accolades for their fine 2012 debut, The Joy. They’ve got the requisite SXSW shows next week and some East Coast dates coming in the spring. For now, melt into this “Entire” track below.