Since the inception of Ryan Hemsworth’s biweekly download project Secret Songs back in May, the series has yet to disappoint. Today’s missive is from Italian producer Miami Mais, who recorded it during some rainy days in June as a kind of mystical sun calling. Here’s what Hemsworth had to say about 200 Times, via SoundCloud:

I’m always drawn to artists who really know how to represent our current time in history, and can also show us where they’re coming from in the world. Producers are on top right now because they sit on their computers and digest all this information from the internet—music, news, memes—and spit it back out with the same technology, but with their own interpretation of it all. Italian producer Miami Mais was introduced to me by my friend Jake at Activia Benz, and I think MM’s upcoming project is so 2014. He takes elements of house, EDM, even Bmore and dubstep. But it’s done in such a playful way, always evoking thoughts of summertime.

The track is laced with a squeaky synth line, corporate vocal yawns, almost-hidden snaps and percussion that sounds like steel drums of the future. Listen below.