Metric Synthetica, Synthetica Cover, Metric Cover, Speed The Collapse
Last month Canadian art-pop quartet Metric released “Youth Without Youth,” the swirling, ’70s-rock-tinged first single off its upcoming album, Synthetica, and now the group is back with a slightly calmer but no less infectious track. You can stream “Speed The Collapse” below.
Speed The Collapse by Metric
The song kicks off with a trembling, almost “Maps”-like guitar line, before building to a swoon-worthy chorus complete with soothing “ah-ah-ah” harmonies from singer Emily Haines. “Distant lightning, thunder claps/Watched our neighbor’s collapse/Looked the other way,” sings Haines. Well, hope they had collapsing house insurance.
Synthetica comes out June 12 via Mom + Pop.