If you’ve been following Ryan Hemsworth’s bi-weekly, free download project, Secret Songs, you’re already familiar with Tennyson’s bubbling beat dreams and Schwarz x 333 Boyz calculated weirdness. Now there’s a new track to sink into, this time from Brooklyn’s manic, pixel-pop producer Maxo and Jonathan of NYC duo George & Jonathan. Here’s what Hemsworth had to say about the track, Nice Feelings, via SoundCloud.

I’m dubbing this the Month of Maxo. I was playing 3DS with some of my nerd friends the other day and had a Maxo playlist going and every few tracks my buddies were like ‘this is…the same guy as before?’ it’s that knack for having such a huge catalogue of wide-ranging genres and sounds, and being able to nail them all in an effortless way, which is making me mad he’s not the most popular dude right now. hopefully y’all see the brilliance and can help us make this…the Month of Maxo.”

If you feel like helping Hemsworth out, and getting a wild rush of synthetic spontaneity at the same time, listen to and download Nice Feelings below.