Last time we heard from Marnie Stern back in December, she was yodeling and making all sorts of “ah-eh-ah-eh-oh” noises over some typically kinetic guitar playing on the robust single Year Of The Glad.” Now she’s back with a slightly calmer, more soothing track, “East Side Glory,” off her upcoming album, The Chronicles Of Marnia, which is due out March 19 on Kill Rock Stars.
Much of the pre-release chatter surrounding Stern’s new record has revolved around the departure of Zach Hill, now one of the creative forces behind Death Grips, and this track will no doubt keep those conversations going. Oneida’s Kid Millions provides the stuttering beat behind the song’s oceanic guitar parts, giving the track a more contemplative rhythmic energy than Hill’s militaristic attack-mode. It retains some rough-edges, but it’s a bucolic track at heart, less concerned with shaking you than making you swoon. Check it out below.