When I saw Majical Cloudz open for Autre Ne Veut at Santos Party House back in February, singer Devon Welsh looked just like he does in the photo above: shaved head, white T-shirt, black pants, piercing eyes. He’s an imposing presence—not quite intimidating but striking. He sings in a deep, low voice and with the clean diction of someone aching to be heard, and that’s especially true of his newest track, “Childhood’s End.”
Majical Cloudz will release their latest album, Impersonator, on May 21 via Matador. The press release says the record features “intensely lyrical songs about death, patience, family, friendship, and desire,” and “Childhood’s End” sounds like one of those songs. Over a bed of murky, rumbling synths courtesy of co-Cloud Matthew Otto, Welsh weaves an evocative tale of desperation, loneliness and (possibly) redemption. “I don’t cry/God tell me why/Love, death, night flight/Best friend crucified,” Welsh sings. Needless to say, it gets pretty heavy. Listen to the track below.