M.I.A. continues to release new material that could or could not be on her mysterious forthcoming album Matangi. Last week, she premiered the intense, club-ready video for her track “Bring The Noize” and now she’s back at it again with her latest song, “Only 1 U.” The frantic, confounding track debuted on the UK radio station NTS during the station’s “Open Deck” segment. “Only 1 U” is tamer than the all-out assault of “Bring The Noize,” but it still has the attitude and catchiness of classic M.I.A. material.
It’s unclear whether or not this song is actually on Matangi because M.I.A. has yet to release a tracklist or a release date for the album. Maybe that will be next week’s announcement? Listen to “Only 1 U” below [it starts around the 2:00 mark].