Disregarding a couple of singles and features, M.I.A. has been relatively quiet since 2010’s MAYA. Today she took Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show to air out the reason for her album’s delay as well as debut a new track called “Bring The Noize.” Apparently, the LP is being snubbed because it is “too positive.” Known for her risqué antics it doesn’t look like her label wants a PG-rated Maya. The new track splits the difference between MAYA’s abrasiveness and the giddy heights of her early album, with M.I.A. rapping over an experimental beat from the Parisian production outfit Marble Player’s “Marble Anthem.”
Rumors have circulated for the last year or so that her fourth studio album, tentatively titled Matangi, was in the works, but not much else. Earlier this year she announced an album was due out in April, but unfortunately, that never came to fruition. M.I.A. claims the as of yet untitled album will hit the shops this fall. Stream “Bring The Noize,” below.