Swedish synth-pop act Lust For Youth, the stage name of Gothenburger Hannes Norrvide (now duo with the collaboration of Loke Rahbek of Posh Isolation ), continues with its dark synth-pop sounds on “It’s You,” one of the tracks included on the band’s upcoming Growing Seeds album due out November 13 on Sacred Bones. Check it out, below.
Lust For Youth – It’s You by sacredbones
With ’80s lo-fi synth hooks alongside a heavily saturated bassline, Norrvide and Rahbek perfectly capture the twitchy, paranoid ambiance of a dimly lit European nightclub. Letting the instruments and electronics do the work, the two keep the vocals minimal with only the repetitive moan of “It’s you/Always” throughout the track, haunting your mind long after the song has ended. Creepy stuff.
Previously available only in Europe on AVANT!, the Sacred Bones release of Growing Seeds will also include three new songs. Until then, keep yourself entranced with the dark but catchy melodies of “It’s You.”