Even though no one really likes Mondays, every now and then, the first day of the week will surprise you. Like today for instance, 16-year-old Auckland whiz-kid Lorde has made her debut LP, Pure Heroine, available to stream a week before its scheduled release.
She’s already shared Royals, Tennis Court, and Team, but that still gives us seven more tracks of brand new emotive pop gems. Given what we’ve heard so far, and with track names like Buzzcut Season and White Teeth Teens, how can the album not be good? Check it out for yourself (via VH1), below.

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Tracklist For Pure Heroine:
01. Tennis Court
02. 400 Lux
03. Royals
04. Ribs
05. Buzzcut Season
06. Team
07. Glory And Gore
08. Still Sane
09. White Teeth Teens
10. A World Alone