After building up our suspense levels for a while now—and releasing a track with Disclosure—U.K. trio London Grammar have quickened our pulses yet again. They’ve dropped a new track today, Interlude, off their upcoming album If You Wait, out September 10 via Columbia.
Interlude features a tender and meandering piano skating underneath Hannah Reid’s classically distraught vocals. “Would you really want me in the light of day?” she asks. Yes Hannah, yes we would. Listen to Interlude below—it hurts so good.

Tracklist For If You Wait:
01. Hey Now
02. Stay Awake
03. Shyer
04. Wasting My Young Years
05. Sights
06. Strong
07. Nightcall
08. Metal & Dust
09. Interlude (Live)
10. Flickers
11. If You Wait