For most people rollerblading just brings back torrid, shameful memories of birthday parties and wrist-guards, but I guess for British producer and singer Kwes rollerblades have a positive connotation too. Early this year he released the effortlessly charming Meantime EP, and now he’s back with a delicate wisp of a single called “Rollerblades” that’s currently available digitally and will be released on vinyl via Warp on January 22 with the b-side “Rosab.”
Where most Kwes songs float along on pitter-patter percussion and moody, melancholy ambiance, “Rollerblades” is perhaps the most direct and pop-oriented song yet from the enigmatic singer. Over a precise, crisp beat he invites the listener to “Come rollerblade with me,” and, even if rollerblading only makes you think of that weird ’90s skating movie with Seth Green, you’ll probably be reaching for your blades by the end of the track. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say this might be the best non-“Brand New Key” song about shoes with wheels that I’ve ever heard. Check it out, below.