Riot grrrl pioneer Kathleen Hanna returns after a sabbatical due to her battle with Lyme Disease to lend her signature lo-fi punk aesthetic to her new band the Julie Ruin. This morning the band unleashed a rough and ready single entitled “Oh Come On” complete with unapologetic guitar riffs and Hanna’s borderline screams. Between this and December’s “Girls Like Us” it looks like we can expect a healthy dose of ’80s synth nostalgia and ’90s punk fury on the band’s forthcoming album Run Fast.
When CMJ spoke to Hanna last year she described the band’s process. “It just started happening, and we couldn’t stop, and now we have 19 songs, and we’re whittling it down to 13 so it’s reasonable,” she said. “And James Murphy is working on one of them right now. It’s been a lot of fun.”
In the last six months they have slowly released information and music from Run Fast, due out September 3 via the band’s own TJR Records. With her solo work and projects like Le Tigre, The Fakes, or her foray into spoken-word, it seems like Hanna never slows down. Listen to “Oh Come On” below.