J£zus Million, the producer behind the board on Charli XCX’s What I Like, is ready to launch his full-fledged solo debut. Easing us into that debut is Charli again, this time featured on Million’s song Illusions Of. The Boston-based producer has a knack for smooth rhythms and is no stranger to sampling. On Illusions Of he chops and pitches samples into eerie moans, while Charlie nonchalantly croons over the top. It’s actually extremely similar to What I Like, only slightly more beat oriented.
J£zus Million is a 19-year-old producer, who aside from a few Soundcloud beats, is relatively unknown. Contrasting him is Charli XCX, a break-out star of the Internet: from her clothing to her outlook on life, her reference points seem to emerge from the virtual more than the physical. J£zus Million and Charli XCX’s latest song will be available on Double Denim’s Vol. 1 compilation in September. You can stream Illusions Of, below.