Now that the dust has almost settled around Kendrick Lamar’s weirdly-controversial-but-totally-not-that-unexpected verse in Big Sean’s Control, Joey Bada$$ is kicking it up again. In case you’ve been in exile the past week, in the verse, Lamar said he was better than basically every other rapper in the game. Although he wasn’t called out explicitly, Joey Bada$$ had a few thoughts on the matter, among them, “The king of New York?/Ha! we ain’t just gonna let that one hang.”
If you don’t care about that, the new track, Killuminati Pt. 2 can hold its own even without the legs of a hip-hop insult war propelling it forward. It’s a low-gravity trundler, weighted down by Bada$$’s growly rhymes. Just how we like our Bada$$. Listen in, below.