Jensen Sportag is a Nashville synth-pop duo who sound like they could be cousins to any act signed to New Jersey’s Italians Do It Better. The band’s debut album, Stealth Of Days, hits the shelves November 12 via Cascine, but ahead of that they’ve given us a taste of what’s to come.
That taste comes in the form of Bellz (via FADER). Within the first 10 seconds it sounds as if we’ve been thrown into a luxurious department store trapped in the ’80s, in the best way possible. Tasteful pitch-shifted vocals are scattered throughout, as is FM synthesis— the duo’s second best friend next to the thump of the kick drum. It’s difficult to not nod your head or tap your feet to this, and we’re taking that as a sign of good things to come. Jensen Sportag have released a few EPs on various labels, but Stealth Of Days will be their first full-length. Stream Bellz, below.