Jackson Scott’s debut full-length, Melbourne, is set for release on July 23 via Fat Possum, but today the water-gun-touting singer released yet another new track from his album. “Together Forver” finds the Asheville, North Carolina college-dropout putting all his eccentricities on display: the grunge-worthy guitars, the enigmatic lyrics and all the crackle a 4-track can capture.
Despite his youth (he’s only just begun his 20s), Scott showcases a wide variety of muses, ranging from the late Elliott Smith to the Pixies to Syd Barrett. It’s no surprise that “Together Forver” and the CMJ Mixtape track “That Awful Sound” have enchanted the hearts of many. “Together Forever” adds a touch of My Bloody Valentine and Pavement to the mix, making for a powerful college rock hybrid. Consider yourself warned: Once Jackson Scott grabs a hold of your ears, he may never let them go. Check out “Together Forever” below.