Apparently when he’s not making music with Dinosaur Jr. or talking about ’70s power-pop with Sweet Apple, J Mascis is in his garage working on Sugar Ray covers. Actually, that’s not what this is, but I can dream, right?
Every Morning is the debut single from Mascis’s upcoming solo LP, Tied To A Star. Despite its underlying full-force electricity, the track has a sweetly casual vibe to it, but charging and flickering each time you settle into a sun-sleepy lull. Tied To A Star drops this August via Sub Pop. Check it out the album tracklist and listen to Every Morning below.

Tracklist For Tied To A Star:
01. Me Again
02. Every Morning
03. Heal The Star
04. Wide Awake
05. Stumble
06. And Then
07. Drifter
08. Trailing Off
09. Come Down
10. Better Plane