Posthumous J Dilla tracks continue to surface. Diamonds (The Shining Pt. 1) is another piece of The Diary, a compilation of vocal tracks J Dilla recorded in the early 2000s that never reached our ears. Earlier this year, we heard the junkyard beats and liquor-frantic antics on The Diary‘s “Anthem.” Now we’ve got Diamonds (The Shining Pt. 1), a sleek city slicker groove with a lazy beat and Dilla’s jaded flow.
The track will also be on the Diamonds & Ice EP, out August 27 via the Pay Jay imprint. There is no word yet of when the rest of The Diary will be released. It was scheduled to drop this past spring, but no suck luck. We’re adults; we can be patient. Sort of.

Tracklist for Diamonds & Ice:
A1 Diamonds (The Shining Pt. 1)
A2 Diamonds (The Shining Pt. 1) (alternate)
A3 Diamonds (The Shining Pt. 1) (instrumental)
B1 Ice (The Shining Pt. 2)
B2 Ice (The Shining Pt. 2) (Ruff Draft version)
B3 Ice (The Shining Pt. 2) (instrumental)
B4 The D