L.A.-based, dark hours chanteuse Itasca has announced the release date of her second album, Umoored By The Wind, out October 14 on New Images. The press release promises a more expansive venture than her 2012 debut as Itasca, Grace Riders On The Road. (She’s been doing the busking troubadour thing on various self-released CD-Rs and casssettes for a few years.) For now though, “Nature’s Gift” sounds like you’re peering through the old-smoked windows of a bordertown VFW hall, seeing Itasca alone on stage, guitar in hand, doing a particularly thoughtful, slowly simmering soundcheck. This kind of sonically naked, not overly affected folk dowsiness is stunning when done right, as it is here. Hone in on Nature’s Gift and check her upcoming shows, below.

Tour Dates For Itasca:
08/13 – Los Angeles, CA – Gal Palace
09/13 – Madison, WI – Yardfest 2014