There must be something in the water in Sweden. First there was The Knife’s expansive and challenging Shaking The Habitual and now Swedish foursome Holograms is returning to Captured Tracks for their second full length, Forever. The album in question’s second single comes in the form of Meditations, a short and rowdy number with a sense of desperation and urgency. As quickly as it starts, it hits an abrupt stop that leaves you a bit winded. By the looks of it Holograms may beat the sophomore slump that plagues many bands.
Last year Holograms released their self-titled full length, an abrasive post-punk album with enough intricacies to garner multiple listens. It was easily one of the year’s more memorable rock outings. In April they gave us our first glimpse of the new album with the synth-laced Flesh And Bone. On September 3, Forever will bring us up to speed on the band’s latest sessions. Listen to Meditations, below.