California synth-pop sister group HAIM already released the lush, ’80s-swagger-filled track “Falling” and a hazy, wilderness-adventure video to go along with it, so what’s the next step: remixes, of course! The Falling EP, which comes out April 1 via Polydor, will include two remixes of the track along with a live version, and now you can hear one of those alternate versions courtesy of rising British producer Duke Dumont.
Dumont takes the already airy, swirling song and strips it down, ditching the song’s hand-clap-ready beat and providing all sorts of synth flourishes toward the end. He even adds a jubilant little “HEY!” that’s good for throwing your hands up to or just nodding along at your desk. It’s a fun, lithe take on an already infectious track. Check it out below.