Since Claire Boucher’s sudden ascent to blog stardom two and a half years ago, Grimes has come off as a sort of meta-blog sensation, deliriously exploding the cliches and conventions associated with internet fame. And the hype certainly lives up to the end product: Her new song “Go,” which was originally intended for Rihanna and released with the assistance of producer Blood Diamonds, is her first new offering since 2012’s Visions
In this trunk-rattling track, Grimes is proving herself as more than an eternally revered scenester—this song shows Boucher maturing in an impressively short amount of time, with strobing buildups accumulating detail as the song moves into more harmonious territory. Lyrically, Boucher is getting away with the sort of lines excusable only in the context of perfect pop music (“When I go/Can I go with you”), which may be because she originally wrote this for Rihanna. Check out the song below along with a few tour dates.

Tour Dates For Grimes:
7/19 – Toronto – Time Festival
7/20 – Chicago – Pitchfork Music Festival,
8/23 – Los Angeles – FYF Fest
8/30 – Philadelphia – Made in America Festival