Derwin Powers (AKA Gold Panda) rose to prominence around the same time as the rest of the “post-dubstep” U.K. crew (SBTRKT, Mount Kimbie, James Blake), and he’s been in and out of the spotlight for the past couple years. Now the savvy producer is back to follow up his 2010 debut, Lucky Shiner, with a sophomore effort, Half Of Where You Live.
In April, he hit us with the lead single off the album “Brazil,” an otherworldly track that sounds beamed in from another universe. Yesterday he released the second single, “We Work Nights,” an ode to the days Powers spent sorting mail all day. The song slows down the tempo from the jumpy pace of “Brazil,” instead patiently building a pleasant mix of starry eyed beats, sitars and simple chimes. If you are in need of a new rainy day song then look no further. Check it out below.