While its importance to the development of American music is undeniable, the city of New Orleans hasn’t been much of a wellspring of up-to-the-minute trash rock. But Gland probably doesn’t care.

This flailing trash-punk trio has so far released one cranky EP, Ambiancé, in 2015, and this new full-length—streaming in full here right now—is only slightly clearer in fidelity, if even fuller in purpose. Witness titles like “Fuck Cops” and the generally shocked pipes of lead singer Kallie Van Tassel. But then they can swing things around with a twitchy, perky tune about loving their town and friends (“Beekeeper”).

So no, history probably isn’t their concern (or they might’ve noticed there’s already a pretty legendary punk-ish album called Neurotica). Instead, this album feels pretty right now.

Neurotica is available digitally tomorrow digitally, and on cassette from Community Records.