Sometimes Wu-Tang projects are announced and they get delayed for so long that they disappear quietly, like thieves in the night. For a minute, it seemed like Ghostface Killah’s Twelve Reasons To Die might suffer a similar fate. It was previously announced back in September and was supposed to come out on November 20 via RZA’s new Soul Temple Records imprint, but the year ended without a Ghostface album in sight. Maybe he was busy.
Well, it seems like he’s not too busy anymore because yesterday Ghostface released the record’s single, “The Rise Of Ghostface Killah,” and gave his album a new release date: April 16. “Rise” is a defiantly old fashioned Wu-Tang song—smoky guitar samples, hard-knocking drums, crime narratives about bodies in El Caminos—and Ghost sounds super comfortable and confident as always, sliding into the track’s murky atmosphere with ease. So if you were worried this might be another Ghostdini situation, you can sleep easy. Or if you kinda liked Ghostdini, like me, then maybe get worried. Check it out below.