Fucked Up - Photo by Emily Korn

Fucked Up – Photo by Emily Korn

It takes an incredible amount of ambition to record and release an 18-minute monster of a single and a brand new LP within four months of each other. Toronto hardcore outfit Fucked Up has never lacked ambition though. Year Of The Dragon is the sixth addition to their “Zodiac Singles” series, none of which fall below the eight-minute mark.
In this installment, the band transitions through tempo changes with ominous conviction and burns through all sorts of hardcore, prog-rock and psych-jam territory before spiraling into a fury of feedback to bring the track home. Tankcrimes will be releasing Year Of The Dragon as a 12-inch on April 22, but you can dive right into this opus below. And keep your eyes peeled for the band’s forthcoming album, Glass Boys, due out June 3 via Matador.