Fucked Up @ Le Poisson Rouge, 2013 – Photo by Emily Korn

This morning, those who follow Toronto’s epic hardcore group Fucked Up on Twitter were treated to a first listen of Led By Hand, the second single from their forthcoming Glass Boys LP. While the lead single, Paper The House, is driven by an intense yet typical punk beat, this new cut dials back the tempo and settles into a spiteful stomp that leaves room for subtle swells of guitar noise and a call-and-response chorus. It also features some humble vocals by J Mascis, who helps flesh out the track’s hook. Glass Boys comes out on June 3 via Matador. You can check out the album tracklist and Led By Hand below.

Tracklist For Glass Boys:
01. Echo Boomer
02. Touch Stone
03. Sun Glass
04. The Art Of Patrons
05. Warm Change
06. Paper The House
07. DET
08. Led By Hand
09. The Great Divide
10. Glass Boys