San Francisco’s scruff-psych band, The Fresh And Onlys, are back again with their newest album, House Of Spirits, set for release June 10 via Mexican Summer. After a stay at an isolated horse ranch in Arizona, frontman Tim Cohen delved into his subconscious to add more introspective lyrics and experimental sounds. He says that the album explores “the idea that home is where your feet are.” The first single, Bells Of Paonia, features a steady stream of pulsing guitar with soft cooing vocals on top. Listen to the track, and check out their predominantly Austin-centric tour dates below.

Tracklist for House of Spirits:
01. Home Is Where?
02. Who Let the Devil
03. Bells Of Paonia
04. Animal Of One
05. I’m Awake
06. Hummingbird
07. April Fools
08. Ballerina
09. Candy
10. Madness
Tour Dates for The Fresh and Onlys:
03/13 – 7:45pm – Austin, TX – The Yellow Jacket
03/14 – 4:00pm – Austin, TX – Waterloo Records
03/14 – 10:25pm – Austin, TX – Swan Dive
03/15 – 4:30pm – Austin, TX – The Scoot Inn
03/15 – 7:00pm – Austin, TX – Hotel San Jose
05/02-04 – Austin, TX – Austin Psych Fest