When Wu Lyf called it quits back in November, it was hard to know what, if anything, would rise from the ashes of the group’s implosion. While the band had talented members, their identities were often shrouded in a veil of secrecy and ambiguity, which helped emphasized the communal and mysterious qualities of the music they created. As frontman Ellery James Roberts continues to wring foreboding psycho-drama out of his throaty singing on tracks like “Keru’s Lament,” the group’s bassist Tom McClung has started a slight more intimate project by the name of Francis Lung.
Now McClung has shared “Age Limits” (via FADER), a spindly bit of breathy sway-pop that uses a twinkling guitar riff to evoke memories of rainy nights and unfulfilled desire. It’s surprisingly reigned in for most of its duration, but towards the end McClung unleashes a wild cry that’s reminiscent of Wu Lyf’s epic brand of catharsis. Check out “Age Limits,” which is off Francis Lung’s upcoming Faeher’s Son album.