In the dense L.A. hub of Echo Park, Jerry Narrows and Daniel Koontz had a happenstance rendezvous and decided to start up the genre-ruffling music project Flaamingos. Prior to this encounter in 2011, Narrows and Koontz had shared the stage a few times in various psych and shoegaze bands that they were in individually. Now they’re blotting together all the influences they’ve taken away from their earlier efforts and letting them bleed and run into their own distinct musical watercolor.
The first single from the group’s self-titled debut, “All I Wanna Do Is Live” is aptly named. The track is reminiscent of some offbeat genres of the oft-fantasized ’80s. It’s like a shoegazey, New Wave record you’d hope to discover in a box of dated cassettes. The track has no preempting intro and no brazen shifts in melody; it’s confident in its construction as is. The sated vocals on the track sponge up your emotional attention and carry a sense of  immediacy that is felt but, like a slight breeze, not necessarily perceived. Expect the self-titled debut August 27 via Felte.