After years of floating around and garnering an admirable following based on the strength of their singles and EPs, Field Mouse is finally ready to settle down. Everyone But You, the second single off of their upcoming full length, Hold Still Life, rings with a sense of aching clarity, as lead singer Rachel Browne’s outstanding vocals appropriately overpower the fuzzy and comparatively unimportant guitar riff that hums along in the background.
According to Browne, most songs off of their new album were “inspired by burgeoning adulthood, social overload and isolation, life in New York, and the realization that life is going by with a terrifying swiftness,” and her descriptions ring true: the strength of this song is not about its atmosphere, or detail, or any unconventional song structures. Rather, it’s about communicating the hooks to the listener in as direct and unobtrusive a way as possible, and making you feel just as pumped and earnest and confused as lead singer Rachel Browne seems to be. Check out the song below.