FIDLAR by Emily Korn

No one can ever say FIDLAR didn’t do it their way. And their way is usually a *jerk-off motion* kinda way: They use dorky grade-school photos for cover art, they got Nick Offerman to drink infinite 40s, and they pretend that Nick Cave and Nick Cage are the same guy. Well, kind of.
Today, the band shared a cover of Nick Cave’s “Red Right Hand” (via their Tumblr) except they called it “Red Right Hand (Nick Cage).” And the album art features Nick Cage’s face on David Bowie’s head. They made a big mistake though, because I’m pretty sure he spells it “Nic” Cage—duh, guys. Check out FIDLAR’s redo below, along with a superfluous video of Nick/Nic Cage losing his shit.