Philly hair-growers and music-makers Far-Out Fangtooth are gearing up for their upcoming October release, Borrowed Time. Last month the band shared the space-jangle single Mother Nature Fetish and today they’ve followed it up with Bow Your Head.
The track is a clogged free fall of tunnel-vision guitars and ominous, sacrificial sounding drums. And yeah, some drunkenly snotty vocals. Not toddler snotty or Johnny-Rotten-talking-to-PETA snotty, but like, I-don’t-need-a-tissue snotty. I don’t mean to be demanding, but you guys should probably listen to this.

Tracklist For Borrowed Time:
01. Bow Your Head
02. Mother Nature Fetish
03. Beyond Your Bones
04. Green Hands
05. Get Around
06. Admit It
07. Scalp
08. Girl (Like You)
09. Stretch/Lips