Post-rock group Explosions In The Sky and composer David Wingo have released “Join Me On My Avalanche,” a track off the soundtrack to David Gordon Green’s new film Prince Avalanche. Explosions In The Sky and Wingo were asked to score the Texas-set dark comedy starring Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch. The soundtrack is set to be released August 6 via Temporary Residence, while the film, which premiered at Sundance earlier this year, will hit theaters on August 9.
“Join Me On My Avalanche” is full of futuristic loops that continue to build under heavy drums and rolling piano riffs before climaxing and dropping off with light piano, accompanied by some fading acoustic guitar strums. It’s not quite as thunderous as the band’s Friday Night Lights contributions, but it has its own quiet grandeur. You can easily picture Paul Rudd looking sad while it plays. Listen to “Join Me On My Avalanche” and watch the trailer for the film, below.


Prince Avalanche Tracklist:
01. Fires
02. Theme From Prince Avalanche
03. Dear Madison
04. Passing Time
05. Rain
06. Alone Time
07. Hello, Is This Your House?
08. Can’t We Just Listen To The Silence
09. Wading
10. Dear Alvin
11. The Lines On The Road That Lead You Back Home
12. An Old Peasant Like Me
13. Join Me On My Avalanche
14. The Adventures Of Alvin and Lance
15. Send Off