Eternal Summers – Photo by Faith Silva

This Saturday, April 19, is Record Store Day. There are a lot of cool releases coming out that day, but one extra-exciting release is the Kanine Records comp, Non-Violent Femmes, featuring new tracks from female-fronted bands like Speedy Ortiz, Joanna Gruesome, Bleeding Rainbow and more. Today, the label shared a tune from the dream-pop trio Eternal Summers, Goodnight Goodbye.
The track goes heavy on the instrumentation, featuring a long, building intro that sets you up for frontwoman Nicole Yun’s delicate twee-drawl. It’s a fun, woozy song that has us wondering what other gems we’ll discover on the compilation. Listen to Goodnight Goodbye and check out the Non-Violent Femmes tracklist below.

Tracklist For Non-Violent Femmes:
01. Speedy Ortiz – “No Below” (Ocean Shitty Demo)
02. Flowers – “All I Want”
03. Eternal Summers – “Goodnight Goodbye”
04. TEEN – “Sunday 5”
05. Beach Day – “All My Friends Were Punks”
06. Beverly – “Honey Do” (Demo)
07. Joanna Gruesome – “Secret Surprise”
08. Bleeding Rainbow – “Glynis” (Smashing Pumpkin cover)
09. Tashaki Miyaki – “I Came”
10. Is/Is – “Chimera”
11. Beaches – “If You Had Wings You’d Fly”