Everyone’s favorite 19-year-old, Earl Sweatshirt, just released a new track, Guild, that’s slated to be on his upcoming full-length, Doris. Earl is joined by goofy frat-rapper Mac Miller, who’s clearly benefitting from Earl’s lead. The two volley verses among sludgy beats about sex (duh), Schindler’s List, moms, and Twitter—which, by the way, seems to be the new website to name-drop if you’re a young hip hop artist (*cough, cough* Chance the Rapper).
The track isn’t that much of a surprise, seeing as the duo already performed the song live back in March, but this time you can hear it above the shrieks and growls of enthusiastic fans. Check out Guild below via Fader, and lament the fact that you’re not a part of this beautifully blossoming friendship.